How to Attract More Visitors to Your YouTube Video


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, behind Google. Being a Google product, it has grown exponentially, and risen to the top. Currently, more than 4 billion videos are viewed daily. Apart from that, over 60 hours of video content are uploaded per minute. Those numbers are definitely going to grow. This presents content marketers with a nice opportunity to tap into. However, setting up a YouTube account and uploading some recorded videos is not enough to give you the visibility and traffic that you desire. If you want to stand out from the competition, stand out and get the exposure you deserve, here are some hard-hitting strategies that you can implement.


Optimize your Metadata

If you want to get more views on your YouTube videos, you need to think about how the target audience will find your content. You need to ask yourself the keywords they are most likely to use and the form of titles they are most likely to be looking for.

Such questions are very important, when filling in your metadata for your YouTube video in order to increase its visibility and views. Some of the information in the metadata includes the video title, the video description, thumbnail, tags, category, subtitles as well as closed captions. Such details enhance the discoverability of your videos.

Direct Many Links to Your Video

Most people think that external SEO is only a means of boosting traffic and rankings for pages on websites and personal domains. However, it can also play a very crucial role towards boosting your YouTube videos rankings. If you have many authority sites all linking directly to your YouTube videos, your sites will definitely rank higher for the specific keywords.

When your websites have high traffic, those visitors will definitely watch your YouTube videos. This will automatically boost the rankings of those videos. Before you realize it, you will have a massive network of great videos feeding great traffic to each other.

Fill Your Videos with Rich Keywords

The higher the number of keywords on your videos, the higher the number of chances created for people to find them. For example, if your YouTube videos are about “groundnuts’, and you only use “groundnuts’ as the only keyword, then your videos will only appear when people search that particular keyword. This means that you are denying your videos traffic and visibility, through the limited choice of keywords. To overcome this problem, it is advisable to multiple related keywords such as “peanuts’, “protein foods’ and “cashews’. Once you do that, you will be opening several doors for people to come through and find your videos. Additionally, use as many tags as possible.

Picking Awesome Thumbnails

First impressions are everything, and the same applies to how you present your YouTube videos. The thumbnails you create for every video are very crucial. Thumbnails are the first thing that people notice every time they search for your videos or YouTube content. Therefore, you need to get a solid thumbnail that will add value to your videos. You can use this awesome tool to make things easier:

In short, your thumbnails should be appealing. Whenever you upload videos, YouTube automatically provides you with 3 thumbnail options and you proceed to choose one. However, if you feel that the thumbnail options are not consistent or appealing enough to your audience, why don’t you design and upload your own? It will go a long way. Your thumbnail should adhere to the following guidelines.

– A resolution of 1280 by 720 and a minimum width of 640 pixels

– Stick to one of the following formats: .BMP, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF

– Should be less than 2MB

– Has an aspect ratio of 16:9

Run YouTube Contests and Campaigns

One of the proven ways to attract new viewers and followers to your YouTube channel, is through incentives like contests and campaigns. If you are running a YouTube contest, you will reach both your content audience as well as new viewers who discovered your channel when they saw the contest entries or the announcement itself. Just like other contests in content marketing, there are certain tips that you can follow, to have a successful campaign. They include:

– Setting goals

– Using the right tools

– Adhering to guidelines and standards set by YouTube

– Taking advantage of social media

– Measuring the contest’s success

Final Words

The truth is, there is no magic that can instantly transform your YouTube video views from 1000 to 1 million. However, if you apply the above tips, be ready to put in the work and be consistent, you will start seeing some results.